About us


PHARVET S.A.S. is a company with specialized, innovative quality products in the livestock sector (bovines, equines, pigs, poultry, pets) which provides specialized pharmacology with safety and support to our customers and the environment; allowing us to reach the competitive levels required for the market that characterizes it generating benefits and profitability for us and society.


PHARVET S.A.S. wants to continue being recognized in the livestock sector nationally and internationally; with specialized pharmaceutical products in different lines of the sector through the research of new pharmacological alternatives, to meet the needs of customers according to the market and environmental trends.



Committed to achieving excellence in our products and services, always seeking to satisfy the needs of our customers, supported by innovations and continuous improvements of our processes.


Acting in the best possible way in the face of our commitment as a company, morally seeking the common good of all those who involve our service.


Acting our guidelines and fulfilling our objectives as a company and as members of this company. Always feeling a sense of belonging and responsibility to ourselves and our organization.


Committed to provide innovative contributions of pharmacological technology, monitoring and providing feedback.


Doing things well under an organized and coordinated method always maintaining good order, functionality and precision.


PHARVET S.A.S. is a company dedicated to the research, design, development, production and commercialization of pharmaceutical products for the livestock sector; Committed to meet the requirements agreed with customers for their satisfaction, seeking continuous improvement.

PHARVET S.A.S. has the support of a scientific team and competent personnel to provide technical service to our clients.


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